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Our accounts payable recovery audits blend insightful data with our professional expertise resulting in unprecedented profits and helpful recommendations.

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Count on People

It’s not just what software can do, it’s what our people can do with it.

Live, off-site, online, and on-time. We power our services with the human element. Beyond technology, it’s people that make the difference. Our analysts go further, find more, and deliver exceptional service for every client, every day with our accounts payable recovery audits.


Our team is skilled in reaching the right person and asking the right questions to uncover the correct information. They know the lingo, business practices, divisions, and locations of each supplier. All the while, speaking the supplier’s language.


That’s why we proudly Count on People.

70% more recoveries with our approach.

There are no shortcuts for an effective accounts payable recovery audit; you must combine technology with the human mind. That’s why our people pick up the phone and talk.


If automation alone were the answer, don’t you think SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Microsoft, and others would have created a solution.

See the unseen.

Duplicates get all the attention when in fact they account for only 20-30% of recoveries in a traditional audit. Illumis Global uses the human element to go above and beyond to locate the other 70% of AP recovery audit potential.


Human capital, curiosity, and discovery can’t be replaced.

Blending the inquisitive mind with the power of technology.

Let’s face it—human curiosity will always uncover more than technology alone.

Bright Ideas for a Better AP Recovery Audit

We use the latest technology to discover insights buried in your data.

Built on nearly

30 years of experience.

Meet IQ

After trillions of dollars and hundreds of millions of suppliers analyzed, IQ knows it all.

IQ is our tool to more efficiently complete an accounts payable recovery audit. It analyzes details about every vendor, supplier, contact, transaction, query, and even phone calls using business intelligence to determine where our analysts should focus their attention.


Information is constantly being analyzed and delivered to our analysts, so they can be armed with valuable information that identifies potential risks, anomalies, and suspect supplier behaviors when performing your accounts payable recovery audits.


Our analysts have the experience and global access to millions of supplier contacts including direct phone lines, extensions, and emails. IQ arms them with known supplier behaviors, payments application practices, and recovery patterns to deliver more dollars back to your bottom line.

Knowledge Exchange is how our analysts interact with IQ every day.

Built into its core is flexibility. Our analysts can create custom views and segments of your supplier base and related transactions allowing them to dig deeper and find more within your accounts payable recovery audit.

Application Platform Experience

Our application platform capabilities are limitless. Our highly skilled IT team and analysts have worked with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Workday, JDE, and dozens more. Often, configurations range from multiple instances of a single accounting platform to multiple systems including “homegrown” applications. We have the ability to blend all your ERP data, which helps spot the same payments made from, for example, corporate and some made at different business units.

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Valid and Vetted Claims

Our analysts untangle the source of funds due back to our clients.


No AP recovery audit is submitted to our client without first meeting our rigorous quality assurance standards.  To meet this goal our quality control team reviews each and every recovery prior to posting to the client portal.  


In short, claims you can count on!

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The On-Time AP Recovery Audit

Many Fortune 500 companies hear “recovery audit” and brace themselves for a process that runs on and on with no end in sight.


In reality, a thorough accounts payable recovery audit can be completed within 90-100 days if the right team is involved.


An accounts payable recovery audit with a firm end date offers three key benefits:

 1. The need for an on-time recovery
 2. New process changes hinge on the audit results
 3. Newly installed VPs/directors/managers need the landscape

Jeff Sprowls

Vice President

We Do it All Off-Site

Execute the most thorough people-driven accounts payable recovery audit and do so with little to no disruption. Early on, we felt that if we could deliver on operating principles like this we could set ourselves apart. Time and growth have proven that we are still on the right track. Time spent dealing with on-site outsiders is costly, disruptive, inefficient, and it’s time you can’t replace.


From data extraction through completion of the project, we’re there when you need us and gone when you don’t. We will place a seasoned team of analysts on your project that have expertise in your industry and on your ERP platform to provide you with the perfect project setup.


We dig deeper during an accounts payable recovery audit with less intrusion than you can imagine. The net is true efficiency.


“Our clients do business globally and so do we. We have supplier contacts in 175 countries and growing.”

Jason Lipari

Vice President

Security Taken Seriously.

Illumis Global is full company certified, ensuring your data is safe. 

• SSAE18 SOC 2 Type II Compliant Data Center
• SSAE18 SOC 1 Type II Audit of Illumis Global
• Third Party Evaluated
• Best Practice Compliant – Approved Method of Handling & Securing Client Data
• PCI DSS 3.2 Audit
• Validates Controls for Handling & Securing Credit Card Data & Financial Transactions

Your gateway to interactive claims, invoices, and reporting.

The portal delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Information about your accounts payable recovery audit, your claims, and your AP data are all at your fingertips. The portal provides you the flexibility to customize reports when and how you want them, giving you the visibility you need.


Our portal enables you to process claims, ask questions, and make decisions. Visualize the audit findings or analyze your spend over the period – It’s all at your fingertips.

Claims Manager

All the invoice and claims from your review. It’s real-time, so you can manage the accounts payable recovery audit right at your desk.

Audit Analysis

What happened, when it happened, and why it happened. Whether an executive level report is required or you want to drill down into the weeds, audit visibility is available by year, quarter, month, business unit, location, type, or root cause.

Spend Analysis

Unparalleled visibility into your spend/disbursements with dynamic filtering capabilities such as largest suppliers, dollars spent, transaction count, business unit, or location.

Vendor Scrub

IQ will analyze your master file and group related suppliers. We provide this report with scoring of each vendor group. The scrub delivers visibility into most favorable terms, preferred payment methods, consolidated spend, and more. Then you can direct your internal resources where the greatest corporate impact can be realized to limit loss/risk.

AP Recovery Audit Summary

At the conclusion of the project, we will present a comprehensive report of your AP recovery audit findings and results. This will include root cause and recommendations on how to improve your system and prevent future recurrence. Through years of client events and client interviews, we discover what steps our clients have taken to improve their payables procedures and reduce loss. By examining your trends, we pass this knowledge along to you.

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Illumis Global provides a more comprehensive accounts payable recovery audit, finds different types of items, and clearly documents its findings. We have used this information to improve our business processes”

Manager Accounts Payable - Global Insurance Provider

Expertise You Can Count On

Our auditing team provides the experience and passion needed for complete confidence in your AP recovery audit.

Greg McMurry

Data Acquisition Manager

Michael Young

Analyst Manager

Kat Albia

Director, Project Management

Unclaimed Property

Let us do the recovering while you focus on your core business.

Recovering unclaimed property is complicated and time-consuming. Most companies don’t have the staff or resources to properly find, scrutinize, and secure unclaimed property.

Illumis Global makes it simple. Our team has extensive asset recovery experience as well as established relationships with state claims examiners, making the AP recovery audit process flow seamlessly.

Ready to talk? Let’s Get Started.

Greg McMurry​

Data Acquisition Manager

Greg heads-up the onboarding process of clients. He introduces clients to Illumis and guides their IT departments through a painless and efficient data transfer; he’s an expert in virtually every ERP system out there from SAP to homegrown. Greg’s 18 years with Illumis arms him with tremendous experience across the entire spectrum of the audit process which enables him to effectively gather, analyze and publish the data for each project making the analyst teams exceptionally efficient and effective on every engagement. Got a question? Ask Greg.

Michael Young

Analyst Manager

Michael works with each member of the Analyst Team on skill building, knowledge sharing, client and supplier care, supplier habits, benchmarking, data review and goal setting. He trains on effective use of Knowledge Exchange, ongoing enhancements and more. In short he drives the team to a standard of excellence that our clients have come to expect. He’s a fitness and structure junkie, obsessed with excellence he creates challenges and contests and measures everything to ensure we’re always learning, always reaching and always having a good time doing it!

Kat Albia

Director, Project Management

The Project Team is responsible for the client engagement from soup to nuts. Kat and her team are passionate about making sure the client’s experience with Illumis is easy, rewarding and downright fun. They check everything and we mean everything. No claim, big or small, makes its way to the client without first being inspected to ensure it meets our Gold Standard of excellence. Kat can be found obsessing over the details, creating elaborate to do lists and remembering everything.

Tony Brush

President / CEO

Working for Illumis for 21 years, Brush has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Brush served as Vice President at Illumis before stepping into the role of President / CEO and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s business throughout his career.


Brush’s approach to his role centers on the motto of Illumis, Bright Ideas for Better Profits. Known for his loyalty, team building, and tough but fair expectations, he empowers employees to deliver, therefore fostering a company culture that ensures customers can count on people.