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Illumis Business Intelligence Suite

Our SaaS solution is designed to help you identify opportunities and take action.


Brighter Solutions for Better Results

Making better, more informed decisions faster and more efficiently, the Illumis Business Intelligence Suite identifies the opportunities and information you need to take action.

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Spend less time searching for answers and more time making decisions.

Merge all of your data from every ERP system, company, and location into a single view database that provides answers to the questions that matter.


Blend and evaluate your data within a single platform


Bring your data to life with dynamic reporting


Make informed decisions and act on them within IBIS

A SaaS solution that combines analytics and visualization to help you easily find answers and take action on opportunities hidden in your data.

We began nearly 30 years ago as a recovery audit firm. Throughout the years, working with our clients has taught us that finding solutions to problems is worth as much if not more than recovering money. To meet this need we developed IBIS.

A suite of applications that work together to solve problems.

Vendor Scrub

We identify relationships between vendors so you can clean, validate and standardize your vendor master. This report scores each vendor group allowing you to direct your internal resources where the greatest corporate impact can be realized.


You will see a meaningful display and analysis of payment terms offered by your vendors. You can then answer: Am I using the best terms available? Am I taking all the discounts I qualify for? Ensuring that you use the most profitable terms.


Our exclusive IQ identifies “non-matching” duplicates allowing you to see and uncover more than traditional match-based tests.
By finding errors early, they can not only be prevented but others can be identified and recovered before they age.


We execute a range of tests across suppliers, employees, and payable data to identify suspect activity. Each vendor is scored based on thresholds and points assigned. You can visualize risk to ensure your profit is protected now and in the future.


The intuitive system enables you to easily select, extract and view data across divisions, locations, ERP systems, and more, effectively answering not only “who” and “what,” but “why” and “what if.” Knowledge is power. Power can impact. We intend to arm you with the information you need to make impactful decisions.


Your vendor master is compared to government watchlists and provides a list of potential matches. This gives your organization continuous protection and compliance.

IBIS™ answers the questions you ask every day

  •  Is this a duplicate vendor?
  • Has this invoice already been paid?
  • Are we using the best payment terms?
  • Are we using a preferred payment method?
  • What is the risk profile of this vendor?

A Positive Client Experience is Our Focus.

Our partnership is more than business; it’s a long term relationship. We are here to help all along the way. IBIShas a full support staff. We are here when you need us, from integration to daily operation. No need is too small.

Pearsall Smith

Vice President

What Some IBIS™ Users are Saying

For our organization, every $100K prevented in overpayments using IBIS™ is equivalent to $1.5M in sales.

“With over 31,000 active suppliers it was hard to wrap our arms around all the data. The IBIS Vendor Scrub app was indispensable when our organization moved from Oracle to Oracle Cloud, helping us migrate our systems in a much more organized and error-free fashion “This has become as much of our daily processing as any other tool we use. We maintain our vendor files as well as continually monitor our AP transactions file for any potential errors.”  

One of top 5 banks in the US (Fortune 500 Service Company)

“We have deployed multiple IBIS apps. Having them housed in one BI suite added great value and ease to the organization visibility into our data as well as our efficiency and profitability.  Benefits derived include:

  • maintain vendor file for duplication 
  • governmental watchlist  compliance & risk mitigation
  • prevented millions  in duplicate payments
  • navigate financial opportunities related to payment terms and methods as well as supplier redundancy driving up profits
  • mined vendor data for virtual credit card candidates to increase rebate dollars”

“Our previous internal process produced large results limiting what we could review. The results we were receiving were so massive it restricted our ability to only look at the largest transactions. Since implementing the IBIS solution we can greatly expand our review increasing what we could prevent and recover.”

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies as a secure, compliant BI solution.


Expertise You Can Count On

Experience industry leading support from the professionals in your medium.

Chuck Hagood

Executive Vice President

Larry Casby

Director of Information Technology

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Chuck Hagood

VP of Sales & Analytics

My role as a leader is to connect people with our technology solution. Our clients count on us to meet their ever changing needs and challenges. Listening helps drive our future development.

Larry Casby

Director of Information Technology

In my role I help shape and drive continuous development of our solutions, as well as maintaining the highest security standard and a full service help desk operation. Listening and anticipating the needs of our clients drive me everyday.

Tony Brush

President / CEO

Working for Illumis for 21 years, Brush has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Brush served as Vice President at Illumis before stepping into the role of President / CEO and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s business throughout his career.


Brush’s approach to his role centers on the motto of Illumis, Bright Ideas for Better Profits. Known for his loyalty, team building, and tough but fair expectations, he empowers employees to deliver, therefore fostering a company culture that ensures customers can count on people.