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New ERP Implementation Plan Must Include a Vendor File Cleanse

Changing an ERP system involves a substantial amount of thought, time, effort and expense. The process begins by drafting a thorough plan with the understanding that all procure-to-pay activity begins with the vendor file. It is imperative that this file has the highest data quality prior to implementation, a process of which contains countless steps and numerous departments.        


This time can be disruptive, chaotic and can mean overpayments, underpayments, erroneous payments and other errors take place before, during and after moving to the new platform.


Processes and procedures are fluid in your organization and with your suppliers. Changes abound internally and externally.  Are your suppliers being asked to submit invoices differently? Are they changing the way they interact with your company? During this period of transition, everyone has a heavy workload.

The Cutover

Each organization handles the cutover differently. You could implement a hard cutoff of the old system and payout existing invoices and input new invoices in new ERP or you may run dual systems for a period of time.

Common Events

  • PO’s often get exhausted due to payment errors 
  • High risk for duplicate payments
  • There are more manual invoices input
  • Teams become more reliant on OCR
  • High potential for posting invoices in the old and in new system 
  • Learning curve for the ERP system as invoices and credits can be applied incorrectly 

Another factor that has complicated this process in the last few years is the advent of remote or hybrid workforce models. This presents a new set of challenges and deserves additional attention.  

Project Plan

The project plan should always include a vendor master review and cleanse. All AP tasks begin with the vendor master file, so it’s imperative that it remains a primary area of focus. 

An Effective Project Plan – Review and Cleanse Vendor Master File

  • Review Each Vendor ID Information
    • Identify and remove duplicates and vendors with no activity. 
    • Duplicate Vendors – Review to validate if the multiple vendor records are truly duplicates and verify tax id, legal name vs DBA, address etc. If it is determined that the vendor records are duplicate, inactivate all but one vendor record. 
    • Inactive Vendors – Determine if the inactivity period will be 12, 15, 18, etc. number of months based on your company business needs and industry. Review vendor purchase order, invoice, payment, and vendor record activity. 
    • Vendors with incomplete information – Reach out to these vendors by email or phone and request the missing data be submitted. Inactivate vendors that do not reply and provide valid information. 
    • Publish an internal list of inactive suppliers and include it in vendor setup and maintenance policy.
    • Address verification and standardization. 
  • Review Payment Terms and Payment Methods
    • This not only provides cleanup but additionally lends an opportunity to make sure you are using the most optimal payment terms across all the vendor IDs for a supplier.  
    • This also validates that you are using the preferred payment methods. Often it is found that some older or lingering vendor IDs are still using outdated pay methods.  This will add to operational efficiency.  
  • TIN Matching
    • Compare the recorded taxpayer-identification numbers for the newest suppliers to the TIN matching program on the IRS website to verify that the recorded numbers are correct. Update any information that is incorrect.
  • Validate Sanction and Exclusion Lists
    • Validate that vendors have not been added to the applicable exclusion lists.

Lighting the Way from Data to Decisions IBIS™ Vendor Management

At Illumis, we are dedicated to helping you with your ERP implementation with IBIS™ Vendor Scrub application.  


IBIS™ utilizes the technology of IQ to do all the heavy lifting by utilizing fuzzy and phonetic logic to uncover near matches such as Bill vs. William. We then identify relationships that exist between seemingly unrelated vendors so you can clean, validate and standardize your vendor master.


We provide a report that scores each vendor group. The scrub delivers visibility into most favorable terms, preferred payment methods, consolidated spending and more. This allows you to direct your internal resources where the greatest corporate impact can be realized.


At Illumis, we are here to help you reduce the risk of payment errors, identify incomplete data, stay compliant and be confident that you can trust your data. 


Once a cleanup is done, the new ERP and vendor master can provide a solid foundation for the implementation. Everything that happens in the procure-to-pay process begins with the vendor master. 

Illumis and IQ technology will make vendor management easier than ever.

Tony Brush

President / CEO

Working for Illumis for 21 years, Brush has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Brush served as Vice President at Illumis before stepping into the role of President / CEO and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s business throughout his career.


Brush’s approach to his role centers on the motto of Illumis, Bright Ideas for Better Profits. Known for his loyalty, team building, and tough but fair expectations, he empowers employees to deliver, therefore fostering a company culture that ensures customers can count on people.